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Copper and brass grades: crossreference of designation ...

53 0183 3203/06/2020 0183 32The table crossreferences the most widespread copper and brass grades in accordance with DIN, EN, BS, JIS, ASTM, CDA and more. There is a lot of different copper and brass grades as well as designation standards that are used depending on countries, companys traditions and engineering practices.CLASSIFICATIONUNITED KINGDOM BS GERMANY DIN GERMANY DIGITAL SYSTEM CopperC102ECu582.009Oxygenfree CopperC103OFCu2.004Phosphorized CopperC106SWCu2.0076Cadmium CopperC108CuCd12.1266xometry.eu53

Copper alloy grades reference for China and other countries

Category: China: USA: UK: Germany: Japan: GB: ASTM: CDA: BS: DIN: JIS: fine copper: T2: C11000: 110: C102: ECu58: 2.009: C1100: oxygen free copper: TU1: C10200: 102 ...

Bronze Russel Metals

SAE660 ASTM B505 C93200 ROUND SOLID BAR SPEC A.S.T.M. B505 C93200. Machinability Rating 70. Actual sizes provide allowances for cleanup, as follows: Outside Diameters to 4 1/32 finish, OD and ID. Outside Diameters 4 to 5 incl. 1/16 finish, OD and ID


0183 32alloy uns rwma astm sae ams federal qq mil jis bs en din asme alloy uns c10100 b133 b152 f68 c502 c576 c10100 c10200 b187 j461 j463 4501 4602 sb133 sb152 c10200 ... c52100 b139 b103 b140 b750 pb104 cw453k 2.103 c52100 c52400 b139 b103 b140 j461 j463 b750 pb1 c52400 ...

Copper Clad Steel 40 Conductor Wire Fisk Alloy

0183 32ASTM B227 ASTM B228 ASTM B250 Thermal Coefficient PHYSICAL PROPERTIES METRIC HARD DRAWN SOFT Tensile 758 MPa 310 MPa Elongation 1 10 Electrical Conductivity 0.226 M/cm 20 186C 0.226 M/cm 20 186C Electrical Resistivity 4.397 M/cm 20 186C 4.397 M/cm 20 186C Melting Point Density 8.14 g/cm3 8.14 g/cm


Medium Voltage SPEC 46202 Southwire

Conductor: Class B compressed stranded bare copper per ASTM B3 and ASTM B8 Tinned Copper per ASTM B33 optional Conductor Shield: Semiconducting crosslinked co Insulation: 115 Mils No Lead Ethylene Propylene Rubber NLEPR 133 Insulation Level, Insulation Shield: Strippable semiconducting crosslinked co Copper Tape Shield: Helically wrapped 5 mil copper tape with

Copper Tubing Data Type K Taylor Walraven

Technical Information related to materials and finishes used on Taylor Pipe Supports products, as well as industry standard design properties of pipe.

RF35A2 is designed with an ultra low

0183 32with superior copper peel adhesion. The low 0.0016 dissipation factor at 1.9 GHz allows for ... Flexural Strength CD IPC650 2.4.4 kpsi 15 8 N/mm2 103 Tensile Strength MD ASTM D 3039 psi 16,800 N/mm2 116 Tensile Strength CD ASTM D 3039 psi 11,000 N/mm2 75.8 Youngs Modulus MD ASTM D


0183 32Materials See the building code standards based on ASTM E84 and ANSI/UL 723 . quot 3 Vitrified clay pipe and fittings shall not be used above ground or where pressurized by a pump or ejector. They shall be kept at least 12 inches 305 mm below ground. quot 4 Copper tube for drainage and vent piping shall have a weight not less than that of

RF35A2 Ultra Low Loss Power Amplifier Substrate

0183 32Flexural Strength CD IPC650 2.4.4 kpsi 15 N/mm2 103 Tensile Strength MD ASTM D 3039 psi 16,800 N/mm2 116 Tensile Strength CD ASTM D 3039 psi 11,000 N/mm2 75.8 Youngs Modulus MD ASTM D 3039 psi 106 N/mm2 8,343 Youngs Modulus CD ASTM D 3039 psi 106 N/mm2 7,171