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ALBArchitect is a large team of engineers, architects, and creative people who address some of the most challenging structural, technological, planning, and development challenges in Kosovo and abroad. We design solutions that are cost and resourceefficient, forwardthinking, and help support and shape communities locally and worldwide.


buildings and architecture . edu ion and science office and administration urban planning high security buildings housing construction redesign and reconstruction industry and trade conservation and restoration and memorials project management


ALBArchitect is a large team of engineers, architects and creative people who address some of the most challenging structural, technological, planning, and development strategies in Kosovo and abroad.

OUR TEAM ALB Architect

OUR TEAM. Technical Director, Head of Mechanical Department, HSE Coordinator and FIDIC Expert. Head of National Projects, Head of Structural Department and Senior Project Manager. Head of International Projects, Senior Project Manager and Quality Control. Supervision Team LeaderNational Projects, Senior Project Manager and Quality Control.

About ARCHLOGBOOK Architectural Basics ARCHLOGBOOK ...

ARCHLOGBOOK was started by Gabriel Chek, a young Singaporean architectural designer, in June 2019. He started archlogbook to document what he learnt as a young architectural designer in the industry in the hope of bridging the gap of knowledge between architecture school and practice. You can connect with Gabriel on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Social Architecture ARCHLOGBOOK Learn Bitesized ...

21.07.2020 0183 32What is Social Architecture We begin with the three aspects that makes social architecture people, activity and place. Studying each aspect and understanding the connections/ meaning across them will aid us architectural designers to

Contribute Architectural Basics ARCHLOGBOOK Learn ...

Contribute to ALB ARCHLOGBOOK is a platform for young architects to share and document ideas, projects, workflows, resources and events relating to the design and practice of architecture. I am on a lookout to work with content creators/writers to feature blog posts and to collaborate with architectural firms, organisations and product companies.

STAFF ALB Architect

The company operates with a culture where the employee is valued and trusted, currently, Alb Architect has a staff of over 40 persons mostly engineers. ALBArchitect provides experts from different fields Engineers are very important members of the design team whose responsibilities are to assist in the overall design of the project within the scope of their specialist fields.

Circulation and Programme Learn Bitesized Architectural ...

02.05.2020 0183 32Flow Architectural Programme Design. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SPACES. The logic of the movement from one activity to another. Not only a good circulation but also the sequence between activities is key here. Spaces can also be transitionary, flexible, spill out, dynamic and even overlapping like circulation.

What is the difference between cast and wrought aluminium ...

The term wrought means shaped or fabri ed in solid state. Cast alloys are shaped as liquid, where attractive features include low melting point, high fluidity, and good assolidified strength. Wrought Alloys of aluminum Key properties genera...

Architecture, Structures and Construction Home

17.08.2021 0183 32Architecture, Structures and Construction. The Journal Architecture, Structures and Construction provides a hitherto nonexistent platform for nurturing the synergy of the disciplines of architecture, building and structural engineering. The scope of the journal encompasses, but is not restricted to, all major aspects of architecture, structures ...

Common web appli ion architectures Microsoft Docs

01.12.2020 0183 32The most common organization of appli ion logic into layers is shown in Figure 52. Figure 52. Typical appli ion layers. These layers are frequently abbreviated as UI, BLL Business Logic Layer , and DAL Data Access Layer . Using this architecture, users make requests through the UI layer, which interacts only with the BLL.

Basic Structural Design Architecture MIT OpenCourseWare

This course provides students with a basic knowledge of structural analysis and design for buildings, bridges and other structures. The course emphasizes the historical development of structural form and the evolution of structural design knowledge, from Gothic hedrals to long span suspension bridges. Students will investigate the behavior of structural systems and elements through design ...

Biennale Architettura 2021 Homepage 2021

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition runs from 22 May to 21 November 2021, curated by architect and scholar Hashim Sarkis. We need a new spatial contract. In the context of widening political divides and growing economic inequalities, we call on architects to imagine spaces in which we can generously live together , Sarkis has commented.

What is an appli ion architecture Red Hat

Then you can design the architecture that supports your goals, instead of choosing an architecture first and trying to make an appli ion fit within that structure. Consider how frequently you want to release updates to meet customer or operational needs, as well as what functionality is required by either business objectives or development needs.

7 Practical Enterprise Architecture Examples

26.01.2021 0183 32Enterprise Architecture Example ServiceOriented Architecture SOA This diagram shows four general steps to achieve an SOA project. Step one is mainly about analyzing and structure important projects. The second step is about promoting and manage services or products. Next managers should think about SOA automation.

Building Codes and Standards Architectural Engineering ...

14.07.2021 0183 32Building codes specify minimum standards for the construction of buildings. The codes themselves are not legally binding. They serve, rather, as quotmodelsquot for legal jurisdictions to utilize when developing statutes and regulations. The main purpose of building codes are to protect public health, safety and general welfare as they relate to the ...

The TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 Architecture Board

The Architecture Governance structure required may well go beyond the generic structures outlined in the TOGAF Architecture Governance Framework see 44.2 Architecture Governance Framework . The organization may need to define a combination of the IT governance process in place and the existing organizational structures and capabilities, which typically include the following types of body:

5. Relationships : ArchiMate 174 3.1 Specifi ion

Structural relationships represent the static coherence within an architecture. The uniting composing, aggregating, assigned, or realizing concept the from side of the relationship is always an element for assignment and realization it can be an element or a relationships connector.

9 Undeniably Best Countries to Study Architecture Abroad

12.02.2020 0183 32From classical to gothic to postmodernism, architectural inspiration emerges in every corner of the world. Gaze at La Sagrada Familia in Spain, gape at the Colosseum in Italy, and gawk at the Himeji Castle in Japan.Many of the best countries to study architecture offer quality programs, handson international experience, and unique perspectives.

Architectural Changes of the Biceps Femoris Long Head ...

These results provide evidence that shortterm resistance training can lead to architectural alterations in the BFlh. In addition, the eccentric traininginduced lengthening of BFlh fascicle length was reversed and returned to baseline values after 28 d of detraining. The contraction mode specific a

Bachelor of Architectural Studies UNSW Degree Finder

Program structure The Bachelor of Architectural Studies is a 3 year program consisting of 23 courses 144 Units Of Credit/UOC . The program includes: 6 Design Studio Courses 11 Core Courses 2 Interdisciplinary Courses BEIL ...

Preservation Brief 35: Understanding Old Buildings: The ...

The architectural investigation usually determines original construction details, the chronology of later alterations, and the physical condition of a structure. Most structures over fifty years old have been altered, even if only by

RAMI 4.0 Reference Architectural Model for Industrie 4.0 ISA

2021/01/13 0183 32The RAMI 4.0, Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 Industry 4.0 , was developed by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association ZVEI to support Industry 4.0 initiatives, which are gaining broad acceptance throughout the world. Industry 4.0 also termed Industrie 4.0 is a holistic view of manufacturing enterprises ...

Santiago Calatrava Architecture Architectural Digest

2016/03/03 0183 32Santiago Calatravaknown for his gleaming white, skyhigh designshas captivated the globe with soaring structural feats since he began designing modern architecture as

The Best Materials for Architectural Models ArchDaily

2018/10/22 0183 32With scissors and some tape, you can generate a number of solutions quickly, easily, and costeffectively, while still creating dynamic architectural objects. Another feature to be considered is ...

GitHub riscv/riscvarchtest

2021/03/01 0183 32This is a repository for the work of the RISCV Foundation Architecture Test SIG. The repository owners are: Details of the RISCV Foundation, the work of its task groups, and how to become a member can be found at For more details and documentation on the current testing framework see: doc/README.adoc.

10 Common Software Architectural Patterns in a nutshell by ...

2017/09/04 0183 32Architectural patterns are similar to software design pattern but have a broader scope. In this article, I will be briefly explaining the following 10 common architectural patterns with

Drones can collaborate to build architectural structures

1:522016/04/22 0183 32Architect and researcher Ammar Mirjan explains how drones could be programmed to construct buildings in the first of two movies about the use of unmanned aer... Dezeen

NeoGothic Architectural Eras: 1600 Present Wiki Fandom

NeoGothic Architecture: 1905 1930 Skyscrapers and churches of the 20th century share many of the same characteristics as early medieval structures. The Gothic style itself borrowed many of its ideas from Romanesque architecture. In the early twentieth century, Gothic Revival ideas were applied to modern buildings and homes in the United States. These buildings are given the name quotNeo ...