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The alloy ENAW 1200 has less aluminum than ENAW 1050. 99 pure aluminum can be found in it. The old German designation is Al99.0: Main alloy components are iron, followed by silicon. This alloy has many of the characteristics of ENAW 1050: Good to shape, easy to weld , suitable for all soldering procedures, excellent for protective and ...

Which aluminium alloy to choose

EN AW6063. Is suitable for anodizing, and has a high corrosion resistance and good for anodizing. The alloy is suitable for welding. EN AW6073. Is a variant of the EN AW6082, and it is better for anodizing than EN AW6082, since the aluminium with this alloy gets a more homogeneous surface. EN AW6082.

Total Materia Aluminum Standards

A prefix is used to designate the standard AA of the Aluminum Association or EN AW for the European aluminum standards. In the European system, the prefix AB denotes ingots for remelting, AC denotes a cast product, AM a cast master alloys, the prefix AW a wrought product e.g. EN AW1050.


en aw2030 t4 suitable for free cutting en aw2007 t4 suitable for free cutting en aw2017a t4 mechanical industry en aw2024 t3 mechanical and aereonautichal parts en aw6005 t6 transport en aw6026 t6 t9 suitable for free cutting and forging t1 t5 en aw6060 t6 bulding and transport en aw

Guidelines for aluminium material

en aw1050a: o: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx9: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx8: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx6: 229 ...

PDF EAA Aluminium Automotive Manual Joining

Pure aluminium has no solidifi ion range and is resistant to cracking. Nonage hardening alloys EN AW1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series have solidifi ion ranges below 50 176C and can be readily fusion welded provided the necessary measures are taken. The solidifi ion ranges of EN AW6xxx series alloys and 7xxx alloys of the AlZnMg 982KB

EN AW3003 / EN AWAl Mn1Cu Aluminium foil/strips

EN AW3003 / EN AWAl Mn1Cu Aluminium foil/strips. Date 02/07/2021. UW LME AL 2.14 /kg. UW LME CU 8.07 /kg. Address. Umwelttechnik Wesselmann GmbH. Auf dem Knuf 21 59073 Hamm.

PDF Catalogue of European standards in the aluminium and ...

melting, master alloys and castings. Writing rules for unalloyed aluminium are specified in EN 576. The fivefigure numerical and the chemical symbol based designation systems of materials are specified in EN 17801 and EN 17802, respectively. EN 15530:2008 Aluminium and aluminium alloys Environmental aspects of aluminium

ENAWAlCu6BiPb / ENAW2011 SteelNumber Aluminium ...

Aluminium 2000 series Copper is major alloying element Standard: EN 5733: 2009 Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Chemical composition and form of wrought products. Chemical composition and form of products EN 7552: 2008 Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Extruded rod/bar, tube and profiles. Mechanical properties

EN AW1200 / EN AWAl 99,0 Aluminium foil/strips

Aluminium foil/strips: EN AW1200 / EN AWAl 99,0 Material EN AW1200 / EN AWAl 99,0 according to DIN EN 5733:200908 Article number UWAL 2100 Product group 1200 Material XX Hardness XXXX Thickness XXXXXX Width Material conditions H16 / H18 hard / O soft other hardnesses upon request according to DIN 4852 or DIN 5462 dependingMehr...