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NFL14706 Aluminum Bronze Aviva Metals

NFL14706 Aluminum Bronze. Copper Nickel Aluminum, 2.0978, DIN 17665, UA11N, CuAl11Ni5Fe5. NFL14706 is an excellent choice for its appli ion on aeronautical industry, due to its high mechanical properties and oxidation resistance.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Cu W

08/02/2014 0183 32Consisting of pure tungsten W powder suspended in a matrix of copper Cu , these alloys are readily machinable and known for good thermal and electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion, being nonmagnetic, good performance under vacuum, and resistance to erosion from arcing.. Thus, they are often used as electrical contacts, particularly in high voltage appli ions.

Tungsten copper alloy

Description Giant Metal using powder metallurgy technology, isostatic pressing molding, high temperature sintering tungsten skeleton, permeability copper technology, producing various large, specialshaped tungsten copper alloy products, Usually copper content is 6 90, Products have higher purity, uniform microstructure, excellent properties Using mould pressing forming, extrusion forming ...

Tungsten Copper Electrode, Heat Sink W Cu Properties ...

Copper tungsten EDM electrode is capable of machining hard refractory alloys such as titanium carbide and tungsten carbide. Copper tungsten can yield a better MMR material removal rate at a low level of TWR tool wear rate in comparison to copper, graphite, and other common materials electrodes.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Midwest Tungsten Service

0183 32tungsten copper alloys can do the job. Check the options and properties below to determine which of our alloys is best suited to your needs. Most sizes and shapes can be supplied with short lead times. We can also manufacture parts from these materials to your speci ions. 8006260226 fax: 6303253571 6303251001

TUNGSTEN COPPER DATASHEET High Performance Special Alloys

Machining tungstencopper alloys will be similar to machining gray cast iron. It is abrasive and produces discontinuous chips.The material becomes easier to machine as the copper content is increased, and conversely the higher the tungsten content, the more careful the machining must be.

Types of Tungsten Alloys Properties and Uses

21/08/2021 0183 32Tungsten nickel copper alloys. The nonmagnetic cousin to tungsten nickel iron alloys is the tungsten nickel copper alloys. They are about as popular as nickeliron alloys, but generally, have lower tensile strength 500700 MPa and ductility. They are great electrical conductors and are easy to machine despite their high mechanical strength.

Coppertungsten Wikipedia

Coppertungsten tungstencopper, CuW, or WCu is a mixture of copper and tungsten. As copper and tungsten are not mutually soluble, the material is composed of distinct particles of one metal dispersed in a matrix of the other one. The microstructure is therefore rather a metal matrix composite instead of a true alloy.