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Nedal Aluminium BV Groenewoudsedijk 1 3528 BG Utrecht P.O. Box 2020 3500 GA Utrecht The Netherlands 31 0 30 292 57 11 info ALLOY DATA SHEET ENAW 6005A AlSiMg A Type: Medium strength extrusion alloy The alloy EN AW6005A is a general purpose extrusion alloy, suitable for structural products where medium strength ...32ecuador32ecuador


Extruded products in aluminium alloy type EN AW 6005 A are used in the industrial, building and general engineering sectors, which require medium mechanical resistance, even on welded parts, associated with The chemical composition and the production processes adop ted make this alloy easy to harden and temper.32ecuador32ecuador

PDF Technical datasheet Extruded products Alloy EN AW6005A ...

Alloy EN AW6005A AlSiMg A Hydro Innovation and Technology, Finsp 229ng, Sweden 3/3 Hydro 6005A Rev.2 01/2019 HeatTreatmentResponse7 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 0.1 1 10 100 Strength MPa Ageing Time h 6005A Rp0,2 165 176C 175 176C 185 176C 195 176C 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300 310 0.1 1 10 100 Strength MPa Ageing ...32ecuador32ecuador

6005A Aluminium EN AW 6005A T6

6005A is an aluminium alloy offering excellent corrosion resistance with medium strength. The extrusion qualities of 6005A are better than 6061 and 6082.32ecuador32ecuador

ENAWAlSiMg A / ENAW6005A SteelNumber Aluminium ...

ENAWAlSiMg A ENAW6005A Aluminium 6000 series Magnesium Mg and Silicon Si are major alloying elements Chemical composition. Equivalents of ENAWAlSiMg A ENAW6005A .32ecuador32ecuador

Data Sheet: 6005A T6 Extrusion Wilsons

6005A T6 Extrusion. Download PDF. Aluminium alloy 6005A is a medium strength, heat treatable alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Alloy 6005 has properties between those of alloys 6061 and 6082 and can sometimes be used interchangeably with these alloys, but 6005 has better extrusion characteristics and a better mill surface finish.32ecuador32ecuador

ENAWAlSiMg / ENAW6005 SteelNumber Aluminium ...

ENAWAlSiMg ENAW6005 Aluminium 6000 series Magnesium Mg and Silicon Si are major alloying elements Chemical composition. Equivalents of ENAWAlSiMg ENAW6005 .32ecuador32ecuador

PDF EN AW6005A Datenblatt Alive with Aluminium

EN AW6005A Datenblatt Die Legierung EN AW6005A ist eine AllzweckLegierung im Strangpressbereich, passend f 252r Strukturelemente, bei welchen mittelfeste Festigkeitseigenschaften erforderlich sind. Typische Anwendungsbereiche sind Leitern, Zug und Lastwagenbau, Schiffsbau,32ecuador32ecuador

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EN AW6005A ist ein mittelfester Strukturwerkstoff, welcher eine gute Kombination aus Festigkeit und Z 228higkeit aufweist. Im Gegensatz zu EN AW6082 l 228sst er sich noch dekorativ anodisieren. Vielf 228ltig als Werkstoff f 252r Strukturbauteile eingesetzt, zum Bespiel im Boots und Schiffbau, im Schienenfahrzeugbau, sowie im LKW und Busbau.32ecuador32ecuador

Guidelines for aluminium material

en aw1050a: o: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx9: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx8: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx6: 229 ...32ecuador32ecuador

Alluminium alloys METRA Industry

EN AW6005A. Extruded products in EN AW 6005 A aluminium alloy are used in the sectors of manufacturing, construction and engineering in general, which require medium mechanical strength, even for welded parts, combined with good corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Alloy 6005A

Table 1 The chemical composition of 6005A aluminum alloy in accordance with EN 5733. alloy designation. EN 5733: EN AW6005A EN AWAl SiMg A International Registration Teal Sheats Aluminum Association : 6005A Unified Numbering System UNS : 96005A ISO 209:2007: 6005A DIN 17251 canceled : AlMgSi0.7 and 3.3210 ...


Aluminium corrosivity egories. Recycling of Aluminium. Online Services. EDI. Media. ... EN AW6005A . EN AW6026 . EN AW6060 . EN AW6063 . EN AW6073 . EN AW6082 . EN AW7021 Plancast Plus . ... Welding Bends EN AW6060 Material id: 1010750 50 x 5 mm . Thickness ...

6005 aluminium alloy Wikipedia

6005 aluminium alloy is an alloy in the wrought aluminiummagnesiumsilicon family 6000 or 6xxx series . It is closely related, but not identical, to 6005A aluminium alloy.The main difference between the two alloys is that 6005 has a higher minimum composition percentage of aluminium than 6005A while having essentially the same maximum .


0183 32ALUMINIUM MESSING KUPFER Hausinterne Farbkennzeichnung Stand 05/2016 NEMETALLE. 80 ALUMINIUM ... EN AW5754 AlMg3 3.3535 EN AW6005A AlMgSi0,7 3.3210 EN AW6012 AlMgSiPb 3.0615 EN AW6060 AlMgSi0,5 3.3206 EN AW6061 AlMg1SiCu 3.3211 EN AW6082 AlMgSi1 3.2315

Aluminium Alumeco: Metall leverant 246r

Aluminium. Pl 229t. Obehandlat ... EN AW6005A . EN AW6026 . EN AW6026 LF . EN AW6060 . EN AW6063 . EN AW6073 . EN AW6082 . EN AW7021 Plancast Plus . EN AW7075 . Hokotol . Form 0 4kant . Rund ... R 246rb 246j EN AW6060 Artikelnummer: 1010750 50 x 5 mm . Tjocklek ...

Aluminium TH 214NI

We produce 60,000 tonnes of aluminium billets per year at the Th 246ni recasting plant in Kempten. The plant is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe and supplies the basic material for a variety of aluminium components. The material consists of 80 aluminium scrap. Adding primary aluminium and other alloy elements, the scrap is melted ...

Materials EXALPRO GmbH Langenfeld

Das Aluminium in seiner nat 252rlichen, reinen Form hat eine sehr gute Leitf 228higkeit, ist formbar und mit einer edlen Oberfl 228che versehen. Wenn wir wichtige mechanische Eigenschaften erreichen wollen, m 252ssen wir das Aluminium mit anderen chemischen Elementen legieren.

European norms and standards Metal Solutions: Aluminium ...

Values such as brinell hardness, elongation and proof stress for Angle profile. Tprofile and U profile.


12/10/2019 0183 3220121220 en aw6026? 3 20120922 aw6060? 20121227 en aw6005at66060t6... 3 20140709 en aw2011? 20140227 en aw6023 t6


ALLOY EN AW 6005 / EN AW 6005A. Chemical Name: AlMgSi0,7. Extruded profiles in aluminium alloy EN AW 6005 / EN AW 6005A are characterised by medium mechanical resistance, including on welding seams, and good resistance to corrosion. They are suitable for use in manufacturing in general, in the engineering and construction sectors. The chemical composition of the alloy EN AW 6005 A is ...


0183 32Extrusion Aluminium Alloy EN AW 6005 A massa volumica : 2,71 g / cm3 conducibilit 224 termica a 20 176C nello stato O: nello stato T6: 2,09 1,72 W / cm 176K W / cm 176K punto di fusione inferiore : 615 176C calore specifico tra 0 176 e 100 176C: 897 J/Kg 176K modulo di elasticit 224 lineare E: 69000 N / mm2 coefficiente di dilatazione termica lineare tra 20 176 e 100 176C: tra 20 176 e 200 176C: tra 20 176 e ...

EN AW6005A, CSN Total Materia

EN AW6005A Standard / Country: Czech Republic / CSN: Group of materials: Metals / Aluminum: Subgroup Subgroup: Details: 1: CSN EN 12392 2016 Aluminium and aluminium alloys Wrought products and cast products Special requirements for products intended for the production of pressure equipment: CrossReference Table 75 identical official composition 100 other sources:

Isothermal TimeTemperaturePrecipitation Diagram for an ...

0183 32Material from an industrial extruded profile of EN AW6005A was investigated. This alloy was chosen, because it possesses a critical cooling rate of about 6.3 K/s 27,31 , which can be achieved within the DSC device that was used. Pure aluminum 99.9995 Al was used as the reference. The chemical composition is given in Table 1. The main ...

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B 214HLER SAl Mg 5 Alruqee

0183 32Aluminium TIG rod for welding of AlMg alloys up to 5 Mg. The weld metal is resistant against sea water. Base material should be cleaned near the seam. Preheating 150 176C for plates gt 15 mm Base materials AlMg 5 3.3555 EN AW5019 AlMg 5 AlMg 3 3.3535 EN AW5754 AlMg 3 AlMg 4 Mn 3.3545 EN AW5086 AlMg 4 AlMgSi 0.5 3.3206 EN AW6060 AlMgSi AlMgSi 0.7 3.3210 EN AW6005A


stirrup 40 x 8 mm, extended, EN AW6005A connection of beam profiles X40, X50 with hammerhead screw rail mounting horizontal, height adjustable 2fold adjustable on base plate 105 x 90 mm, EN AW6063 T6 preassembled, screw connections stainless steel A270 XT40EL N E W N E W N E W aluminum roof hook SLIM for pantile roofs with THICK concrete tiles. opening ...

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0183 32EN AW6005A Al SiMg A 196 EN AW6012 Al MgSiPb 200 EN AW6060 Al MgSi 204 EN AW6061 Al Mg1SiCu 210 EN AW6063 Al Mg0,7Si 219 EN AW6082 Al Si1MgMn 225 EN AW6101B Al MgSi B 234 EN AW7020 Al Zn4,5Mg1 237 EN AW7022 Al Zn5Mg3Cu 242 EN AW7075 Al Zn5,5MgCu 246 EN AW8011A Al FeSi A 255 Anhang/ Ap pendix Zustandsbezeichnungen f 252r Gussst 252cke / Temper


EN AW6005A: MSZ EN 7552: Hungary: Aluminium and aluminium alloys extruded bars / tubes and profiles part 2: mechanical properties: EN AWAlMg1SiCuMn: MSZ EN 7552: Hungary: Aluminium and aluminium alloys extruded bars / tubes and profiles part 2: mechanical properties: EN AWAlMg1 C MSZ EN 7552 : Hungary: Aluminium and aluminium alloys extruded bars / tubes and profiles part 2 ...

EN AW6061 AlMg1SiCu 3.3214 Aluminium Batz Burgel

AluminiumHalbzeug EN AW6061 AlMg1SiCu 3.3214 Nachfolgend finden Sie alle wichtigen Informationen, Kontaktdaten und Anfragem 246glichkeiten. Batz Burgel ist seit mehr als 25 Jahren kompetenter Partner der Industrie im Bereich Metallhandel und Metallbearbeitung. Eine gro 223e Sortimentstiefe, unsere hohe Fertigungskompetenz, von Einzelteilen bis zur Vormontage komplexer