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Feb 08, 2014 0183 32Consisting of pure tungsten W powder suspended in a matrix of copper Cu , these alloys are readily machinable and known for good thermal and electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion, being nonmagnetic, good performance under vacuum, and resistance to erosion from arcing.. Thus, they are often used as electrical contacts, particularly in high voltage appli ions.??

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Tungsten copper alloy exhibited superior thermal conductivity and machinability. Most importantly, copper tungsten composites process a relatively low and tailorable coefficient of thermal expansion. In addition, the CTE range of copper tungsten composites overlapped with that of semiconductor materials like SiC and ceramics substrate materials ...

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Coppertungsten tungstencopper, CuW, or WCu is a mixture of copper and tungsten. As copper and tungsten are not mutually soluble, the material is composed of distinct particles of one metal dispersed in a matrix of the other one. The microstructure is therefore rather a metal matrix composite instead of a true alloy.

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contents of Tungsten respectively Copper can be selected. TungstenCopper combines many typical characteristics of the single elements Tungsten and Copper as for example the hardness, wear and burnoff resistance of Tungsten together with the good electrical and thermal conductivity of Copper.

Tungsten copper alloy

Tungsten copper alloy taking advantages of tungsten and copper, it has high temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, high strength, high hardness, better than major, excellent conductive and thermal conductivity. And it has easy to machining, sweat cooling characteristics, as the vacuum contact materials, electrode materials, electronic ...

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Electrical Conductivity IACS Rockwell Hardness Ultimate Strength PSI Cross Breaking Strength PSI Density GMS/CC 48. 90B. 85,000. 140,000. 14.18

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Copper Tungsten Alloys are Tungsten based composite materials that are a strong refractory metal material manufactured by a stringently controlled process involving pressing, sintering and infiltrating with Copper or Silver. They are highly resistant to heat, electric arc, wear and deformation at high temperature welding, flash butt and spot ...

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PropertiesProductsBenefitsTungsten has the highest melting point of the refractory metals, high density, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. It offers exceptionally high strength and good electrical resistivity at very high temperatures. Unalloyed Tungsten is very difficult to machine and fabri e. Eagle Alloys can furnish finished parts in this material in relatively quick turnaround times. We can also supply 1, 1.5, 2 Lanthanated, 1, 2, 3, 4 Thoriated Tungsten, Tungsten Rhenium Alloys and Tungsten Carbide.

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Industries ServedAerospaceDefenseMedicalHomeland SecurityOil and Natural GasMiTech Tungsten 160Metals supplies products to a wide array of industries for use in diverse appli ions, including advanced medical diagnostic equipment. Here are just some of the industries currently benefitting from the advantages of our tungsten products:

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Aug 21, 2021 0183 32Tungsten nickel copper alloys. The nonmagnetic cousin to tungsten nickel iron alloys is the tungsten nickel copper alloys. They are about as popular as nickeliron alloys, but generally, have lower tensile strength 500700 MPa and ductility. They are great electrical conductors and are easy to machine despite their high mechanical strength.

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AEM METAL: Excellent tungsten copper supplier and manufacturer in China We supply all kinds of fine tungsten copper alloys for the world Like W90Cu10,W85Cu15, W80Cu20, W75Cu25, W50Cu50 etc. tungsten copper rods, tungsten copper bars, tungsten copper blocks, tungsten copper tubes etc. Tungsten copper for sale Tungsten copper price Buy tungsten copper

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0183 32TungstenCopper WCu also: CopperTungsten CuW Properties of the most important material types TungstenCopper WCu 50/50 Class A 60/40 Class B 70/30 Class C 75/25 ... Compared to various Copper alloys there are no deformations due to the high hardness and high E

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Tungsten copper alloy is also called copper tungsten alloy, consists of W and Cu, owns properties of heat resistant, high density, low thermal expansivity and high electrical conductivity, which has been widely used as electrode, contacts and heat sink materials.

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Copper Tungsten Class 11 10W3 Class 11 a harder material than Class 10 is recommended as facing inserts for flash and butt welding dies and general purpose projection welding electrodes. It may also be used as seam welder bearing inserts and facing for electroforming or

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Elkonite 174 10W3 Tungsten Copper 75W / 25Cu is used for electrode and die inserts in most flash and butt welding dies and for projection welding dies where welding pressures and moderate. Most nut and stud welding appli ions use this alloy brazed on the electrode face. It is also used for light electrical upsetting, electroforging dies and ...

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Our tungsten copper alloy conforms to GH 832087 standard of China. Our tungsten copper alloys are widely used in industrial fields such as aviation, kinetic energy, electric energy, metallurgy and machinery. Tungsten copper alloys can also be used for cooling equipment of electronic devices, components of feeding devices in aerospace vehicles etc.

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Therefore, it is typically alloyed with copper, nickel, and iron to form tungstenheavy alloys WHA . The first processing of WHA dates to the mid1930s to replace lead in radiation shields. The resulting multicomponent alloys exhibit substantially improved mechanical properties and machinability.

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4 Uses of Copper Tungsten Alloy You Mightnt Know. Copper tungsten alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper. It combines the advantages of copper and tungsten. For example, this alloy has the advantages of high strength, high specific gravity, hightemperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, good electrical and thermal performance, and good processing performance.

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Manufactured with a binder of iron and nickel, our magnetic alloys have a tungsten content of 9097 by weight. These are suitable for many situations where a high density material is required. Nonmagnetic tungsten alloys For nonmagnetic alloys, copper and nickel are the binding agents, with a tungsten content in the range of 9095. These ...

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Tungsten Copper Rod is made up of a mixture of tungsten and copper. There are different classes of these rods based on their chemical composition. Navstar Steel is a leading supplier of the Tungsten Copper Rod products. The minimum mixture has to have 50 of each element with the high alloys ranging up to 90 copper in material.