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LM20 EN 1706 AC47000 Aluminium Casting Alloy

Chemical CompositionMechanical PropertiesStrength at Elevated TemperaturesMachinabilityCorrosion ResistanceAnodizingCasting CharacteristicsAppli ionsLM20 is suitable for marine castings, water jackets, meter cases, domestic and office equipment, street lighting and other castings subjected to atmospheric exposure. In general, LM20 alloy is preferred to the more common die casting alloys LM2 and LM24 only when the castings are used in aggressive media, requiring the rather higher corrosion resistance of LM20. Where the very highest resistance to chemical attack is required, LM6 alloy may be superior to LM20. LM20 has slightly better

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The fluidresistant and contaminationfree features of aluminium lm20 make them suitable for packaging sensitive products like food and medicine. aluminium lm20 are also light materials and good conductors, as compared to other metals. Suppliers are guaranteed to find customized and lowprice aluminium lm20 at These aluminum sheets can be engineered to your specific requirement to 32america32america

Cast and Alloys

Aluminum Alloy and its Recommended end use : LM 0 : Alloy suitable for Sand Casting, components for Electrical, Chemical and Food Processing Industries. LM 2: One of the two most widely used alloys for all types of diecastings.32america32america

Aluminium Alloys Comparison Table Conversion Chart

LM20: AlSi12Cu: 47000: AS12Y4: GAlSi12 Cu 231 5079: A413: 305Pressure diecasting corrosion resistant, marine castings, water pumps, meter cases: AlSi12CuFe ... Extruded Serrated Finned Tubes Integral Finned Tubes / Extruded Aluminum Finned Tubes Brass Alloys Copper Nickel Alloy Integral Low Finned Tubes HFW High Frequency Welded ...32america32america

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LM20 exhibits high resistance to corrosion under both ordinary atmospheric and marine conditions. For the severest conditions this property can be further enhanced by anodic treatment. LM20 is only marginally worse than LM6 with respect to corrosion resistance. Anodising. LM20 can be anodised by any of the common processes.32america32america




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